The funny folks behind The Theater of Public Policy have spent all year chopping up the wonky national and local political issues facing our rapidly deteriorating republic, and as the year wraps up they’re seeing if you remember any of it. (We don’t. Was the Blue Wave this year? Did anyone fix climate change?) To get deep into the political weeds and deeper into the jokes, T2P2’s Tane Danger and Dennis Curley host a Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me … style quiz show with Author and actor Lorna Landvik, Actor and improviser Joy Dolo Anfinson, Matt Slater of T2P2 and The Smokes, and Comedian Jenn Schaal. The regular T2P2 shows fill up, so we fully expect this one to also require your tickets in advance. Bring on 2019! Saturday, December 29th, 7 PM. $12.Peter Armenian

Bryant Lake Theater, 810 W Lake St, MPLS;