Need to update everything from your wardrobe to your album collection, but you’re too rock ‘n’ roll to make that happen at a mall? Swing by the re-invented flea market at the Uptown VFW on Saturday for everything from quality vintage clothing and sounds to new modern vendors. Saturday, June 16th, 10 AM-3 PM. Free. Maybe you’re more punk than rock ‘n’ roll? We understand. Luckily Extreme Noise is also having a flea market. Following up on last year’s big success, their Punk Rock Flea market includes all the collectible records, tapes, t-shirts, videos, books, and posters you’d expect from a punk shop, but there’s also things like sticker swapping and folks bringing in their own wares (ex. drawer full of black t-shirts) to sell, too. Saturday, 10 AM-2 PM. Free.Johnny Cairo 

Extreme Noise Records, 407 W. Lake St., Mpls.,