Perhaps known more—at the moment anyway—for his guitar slingin’ abilities in the4ontheFloor and his cheeky cover nights (transforming literally and every Blink 182 song into a minor key acoustic ballad), the intrepid Nick Costa is also an incredibly talented singer and songwriter in his own right. On his highly anticipated new album Devastator, he’s working musical magic, transforming an idiom like “throwing shade” into a beautifully howled Americana chorus line and giving listeners pause with simple pleading lines like “Oh please hear me know, I’ve done all I could/ it’s like you’re trying to pay me out, but the money ain’t that good”. And while Costa is drawing comparisons to the new generation of classic and alt-country artists like Jason Isbell, we hear just as much pop rock legends of yesteryear (including the big locals) in his melancholy but catchy hooks. Quickly on his way to being the next big thing in local music, he’s throwing a party for the new record that also includes a highly anticipated one-off reunion of indie-folk fan favorites Taj Raj. Saturday, May 25th, 8 PM. $10 advance, $12 show.Taylor Carik

First Avenue, 701 1st Ave N, MPLS;