There’s a variety of ways we could approach the massive Art-a-Whirl open studios tour and corresponding tap room block parties, but this year we’re just going to answer the question we get the most during the weekend—Are you going to Art-a-Whirl at all? The answer is yes, and here’s what we’re all hoping to see. Regular Readers know we love new creative music and we love performance in new spaces, so we couldn’t be more fired up for Chris Strouth and the incredible lineup of Paris1919 to create some beautiful new auditory and visual art inside St. Bonnie’s church. Even better: The event is the kickoff of the new Avant Music in Churches series presented by UltraModern and Drone Not Drones creator Luke Heiken with assistance from Scott Nieman and DubNemo. Saturday, 9:45 PM. Free. —Betty M.J. Stacks

Church of St. Boniface, 629 NE 2nd St, MPLS;