Ever feel like you and your crew share the same brain? Like you accidentally show up to the tap room wearing the same black jeans and flannels, simultaneously recommend Russian Doll to each other, constantly finish each other’s . . . each other’s . . . finish their . . . sentences??? Put that coordination to good use at the annual Smoosh Race Championship, where teams of four competitors strap on a pair of shoes attached to a set of two 2x4s and race approximately 50 yards down, turn around a pylon, and race back to the start. It’s chaos and hilarious, especially after a few Sky Fives from host venue Bauhaus Brew Labs—and beautiful when teams hit their stride. Plus all the money from entries go to Children’s Hospital Minnesota! Saturday, February 16th, 10 AM. $20 per team, free to watch.Betty M.J. Stacks

Bauhaus Brew Labs, 1315 Tyler St NE, MPLS; bauhausbrewlabs.com