Have you considered Rostam, Vampire Weekend’s co-founder-gone-solo, for your Valentine’s Day nightcap? You oughta. We find his debut album, Half-Light, impeccably romantic. It’s a hazy set, full of little moments and melodic repetition that’s earned accolades from national critics at the New Yorker and Pitchfork. Vampire Weekend fans can turn a happy ear to his recognizably aloof voice, but even if you weren’t on that train, there’s a thoughtful trippyness to his sound we all can get into. Good music for the besotted and coldhearted alike. Philly-based Joy Again opens. 18+ Tuesday, 7 PM. $17. —Isabelle Wattenberg

 Fine Line Music Café, 318 1st Ave N., MPLS; finelinemusic.com