It’s like Rick from Rick & Morty turned himself into a mobile merch shop, bro. Like he turned himself giant and laid down on the back of a squanchin’ truck that drives around the country and his sides *burp* open up to show off limited edition Rick & Morty merch, bro. The Rickmobile will stop at Bad Axe Throwing (our equivalent of Blips and Chitz) and you better get there well in advance to get schwifty on tour t-shirts, Beth pins, masks, plushies, and more before all the Jerrys (aren’t all Rick & Morty die hards Jerrys who think they’re Ricks?) start lining up for the t-shirts, bro.  Friday, 5 PM. Free.Daniel Herman

Bad Axe Throwing, 2505 Kennedy Street NE, Suite A, MPLS;