The nation-wide Record Store Day celebration continues to grow as fast as the Twincy record stores scene, and now there’s so many different RSD happenings that we can’t possibly include every single one of them. Instead, here’s a few picks for the bigger ones, and if you’re looking for party near you, check the website for the 11 shops that are officially participating. 

Hymie’s Record Store Day Block Party

As we mention every year on RSD, Hymie’s goes block party-big for the holiday. The go big on the music—there’s Charlie Parr, Toki Wright & Big Cats, BLAHA, and more—but they’ve also got sponsors Fulton and Jameson coming in with the drinks and food from neighbors Peppers & Fries. Opens 9 AM, tunes start at 11 AM. 

Electric Fetus Record Store Day 2018

The legendary local vinyl shop also goes big, of course. They’ve got everyone from the Edison High School Jazz Band to DJ Jake Rude to Two Harbors to Greg Grease and more. Plus lots of Peace Coffee early in the morning, Heggies Pizza and Glam Doll Donuts (we’re finally over you, Glam Doll), and a ton of special deals and more. Opens 9 AM.

Radio K Presents: Record Store Day 2018 at Dead Media

If we had to be honest about which RSD party had us the most hyped, it’s probably the Dead Media-Radio K back alley block party in the Witch District. (Thanks in part to the excellent Radio K morning DJs getting us hyped.) They’ll have funksters Cult of Percolation, punks Sass, dynamic digital duo c. Kostra + Tekk Nikk, dark hip-hop sounds from Moodie Black, and many more, plus food from Modern Times Cafe, games, and more. Starts at Noon.

Roadrunner Records RSD

Many of the MPLS + STPL rockers will be at Roadrunner in South MPLS for Roadrunner’s party, including Billy & Ernie Batson of Mighty Mofos doing a stripped down folk/rock set, Kinda Kinky, the young bucks in The Carnegies, and more. Opens 9 AM.

Down In The Valley

Along with their stockpile of Ellefson Coffee Co (from the Megadeth bassist) and Valley Pastries donuts, and later in the evening they’ll host an intimate acoustic performance from Dave and Ryan of Soul Asylum. To get into that show, grab one of the limited copies of the new Soul Asylum Record Store Day LP Live At Liberty Lunch at one of the Down in the Valley locations, they come with a ticket. Show at 8 PM, line starts at 7 PM.



Record Store Day ‘Night’ at Hi-Lo Diner

It’s not an official part of RSD, but we thought you’d want to know: After you party at Hymie’s during the day, head over to Hi-Lo to partake in their excellent cocktails and vibes. And a a receipt or Hymie’s bag showing you actually bought a record gets you 1/2 off a tap cocktail. Starts around 7 PM.