It’s parties within a party . . . party inception! There’s always a lot going on during Open Streets, but this Sunday’s celebration on Nicollet has some of the best parties of them all—and of the whole weekend. In addition to serving limited menu of yakisoba and curry don for your lunching/bruching pleasure, Ramen Kazama has a huge music lineup with Blind Shake, Birthday Suits, Nightosaur, and more and help from PBR’s Old Tankard Ale. Further down the road, cocktail haven Hola Arepa will have the classic Cuban stylings of Malamanya from 4-7 PM. And even further down the road, Roadrunner Records fills up their tent with albums and music from Rank Strangers, Kinda Kinky!, and others during their Roadstock III party. And all this is only a small part of the fun happening south of K-Mart on Sunday. Sunday, 11 AM-7 PM. Free.Art Humes

Ramen Kazama, 3400 Nicollet Ave S, MPLS;