Look, we’d recommend this show if it was just the openers, since scene staples Muja Messiah and St. Paul Slim rock the mic as hard as anyone in MPLS + STPL. And throw in Niles and Slipmats DJs? That’s a huge bill. But of course you need the biggest dogs to open for the Wu-Tang’s Raekwon, who’s not only one of the baddest MCs of the Killer Bees, but baddest MCs period—The Chef is a top all-time rapper and his Only Built for Cuban Linx… is required listening for anyone interested in the lyrical arts. There’s still tickets to the show as of now, but don’t wait til the door. 8 PM doors. $25.Paul Cajun

Amsterdam Bar & Hall, 6 W 6th St, STPL; amsterdambarandhall.com