If you’re bent out of shape by bar trivia (seriously, where do these fanatics come from?!) and haven’t had any luck at the meat raffle, there’s a new competitive bar game to be won over a pint: Pundamonium, literally, a pun contest: Fifteen volunteer contestants are given a prompt word and 30 seconds of thinking time before they come up with a pun based on it. They’ll be judged by the audience (duh), but more quantifiably, by five audience members chosen at random at the beginning of the night. After being whittled down to four, they’ll take to the second lightning round to decide who takes home bragging rights and a prize or two. After the first round of Pundamonium was a hit this spring over at Republic, the competition has moved underneath the recently remodeled Spring Street Tavern in what promises to be a monthly recurrence, so if you’re mumbling clever one-liners that could beat out what you hear on stage, you’ll have plenty more chances to compete. Bearded notable Brian Beatty will host and may or may not throw his own puns into the ring. 7 p.m. $6. —EK

Club Underground, 355 Monroe St. NE, Mpls., 612-627-9123, clubunderground.us