Ok, so you’ve heard about, or you’ve been wanting to go to, or you’ve been before and wanted to have a better plan for the massive Art-a-Whirl open studios event that’s now also a music festival loosely connected to the art studios.

So here’s what we’re going to do. In this dispatch we’re going list a bunch of the parties, tap room bashes, and music showcases coinciding with the event. It’s not everything, but it’s a good start. We’ve also sprinkled in some bands and an event or two that we made up. See if you can tell which is which.

We’ll include our art picks in our regular Weekend Planner tomorrow, since that’s the one people mostly read. So no emails about how we didn’t highlight the art please.

56 Brewing is hosting their inaugural Brew NE poster show, a group exhibition of art that celebrates the brewing district, as if it needed more celebrating this weekend, plus they’ve got music including Actual Wolf and Fattenin’ Frogs — INFO

612 Brewing packs in a bunch of music from bands like the Von Tramps and Hot Pink Hangover and DJs like Slipmats Radio, plus a Tattoo Pop-Up by the non-NE Nokomis Tattoo and other art on display — INFO

Bauhaus has one of the biggest block parties thanks to partners The Current (who at this point should sponsor this music fest, right?), Parlour, Brasa, and a bunch of others. They’ve got a Friday dance party, a bunch of big name bands like SOLID GOLD, The Suburbs, Filmament, and more on Saturday, plus (nice move here) a Made By Hands Art & Crafts Extra-Vaganza full of art on Sunday — INFO

The 331 Club gets credit for being the first bar big music block party, and they’re still bringing in the bands all weekend, including all tributes on Saturday and pretty standard lineups with Mallman, Red Daughters, Whittier, Porcupine, Prairie Fire Lady Choir, and more. The non-NE Surly sponsors this one to get in on the action — INFO

The PNA Hall is now managed by Northeast Social, and they’re blowing out the wonderful little wedding hall with food and drinks and what’s probably the best rock lineup of the weekend with Eleganza!, Tiger Maul, Sex Rays and more, but also importantly a bunch of artwork curated by Rogue Buddha Gallery, so you know it’s going to be good — INFO

Indeed Brewing’s Whirlygig at Solar Arts is another massive block party, they’ve got “music curated by Icehouse” with The Bad Man and Augusto Diaz and Har Mar and other recognizable names, plus a biergarten and Blue Door Pub and Natedogs. Be sure to go inside and see all the art there, too — INFO

The MN Community Network teams up with KFAI for a bunch of programming like indoor and outdoor stages, including a live podcast, yoga, cartoons, crepes, Secrets fav SYM1 (fka Symone Smash It), DJs, food and beer, this one looks pretty cool actually — INFO

Sociable Cider Werks does Artefacts: Art, Bikes, Chalk, with food from Union Kitchen and some low key music and some artists on hand — INFO

The only thing we’re for sure for sure going to all weekend is the Freedom Machines van show at ABLE because these ultra-sexy throwback chariots of the gods deserve our love and respect — INFO

You basically can’t get into Grumpy’s NE all weekend unless it’s in the street for their block party which is Saturday with a bunch of rock and punk bands like Lutheran Heat, Tongue Party, The Bad Man (yes, they’re also playing Whirlygig, that’s how this weekend works), and others, but at least walk by to hear the Lady Heat DJs spin in-between sets — INFO

And if you do get into Grumpy’s make sure you go hear their spoken word showcase — INFO

Oh, actually, along with the vans we’ll probably also definitely hit the Cruise Control Yacht Rock party that’s happening later Saturday afternoon at the Yacht Club, that’s going to be super fun in a laid back smooth jams way — INFO

Anchor Fish & Chips once again puts a stage outside, they’ve got Secrets fav Monica LaPlante and a bunch of others like The Fox Loves, Valet, Romantica, Anna Kendrick, and others — INFO

We’d be remiss not to mention the insane parking lot party at Psycho Suzi’s, especially the puppy pageant portion, but the Art-thou-Luau has really fun tiki drinks and King Otto will bring his throwback jams on Saturday night — INFO

Here’s a special shout out to DJs Hey There Handsome and Slow Moe who will be throwing a huge booty moving dance party on Saturday night at the 331 Club, that will be a really good place to dry off from all the rain — INFO

So there you have it, the music festival known as Art-a-Whirl. Could you tell what was real and what wasn’t? Does it matter? Answers here.

Also, if you’re super psyched for all the music, the intrepid folks at UnderCurrentMPLS put together a master schedule for you on their Facebook page, be sure to thank them!