Alright, geeks. Here’s your chance to break out all those freestyle verses you’ve been writing about Han Solo and Willow Rosenberg over the years! The annual Geek Slam and Trivia contest tonight at Kieran’s gives you three minutes to flow fantastic about whatever fits your nerdy fancy. Slams are broken down into two rounds, three minutes apiece, and you can also bring props and dress up as a Night Elf if it will help your slamming and socializing. (Kieran’s delicious Big Gingers will also help.) After the slam wraps up, participants and audience members alike can buy-in as a team to a trivia challenge where winners get cold, hard cash. This year’s host is local funny man and nerd-around-town, Joseph Scrimshaw. There’s a $5 cover for the Slam and a $10 per team buy in for trivia. For more information, visit