The Pizza Lucé Block Party is really more of a festival disguised as a block party, both in its size—all of 4th Street outside the downtown Lucé location fills up—and its music. This year’s lineup is particularly recognizable: Everyone from rockers The Modern Era to nouveau punks Fury Things to folkie rockers TABAH to beat slayer Sophia Eris to young local hip-hop royalty Allan Kingdom to crossover driver and MPLS + STPL geography fan Craig Finn. And since it’s Lucé, grab some pizza and beer from Surly and a cocktail and say hi to a MN Rollergirl. PRO TIP: The music is just as good in the afternoon as it is later in the evening, so pop in earlier for shorter lines, cleaner bathrooms, and less amateur hour (unless that’s your jam). Saturday, Noon-10 PM. Free. —Mark Harrison

Pizza Lucé, 119 N 4th St, MPLS;