The Open Streets festivals keep getting better—is it that the businesses have finally seen that going really big brings in even more people walking around the car-free street? Regardless, there’s some major fun happening in the middle of the road, specifically Lyndale Ave. So much so, in fact, we can’t begin to list it all, so here’s our highlights. There’s a rock show at the “Lynsheen Mansion” (such a good name) at 44th with The Boot R&B, The Carnegies, Runes Av Vaskeri, and more; Black Widows bring their deadly surf Go-Go dancer show to the Uptown VFW; The high flying face smashers of First Wrestling take over the front of Up-Down; Milkjam is going to be insanely busy, but it’s going to be worth it to catch (Dude It’s) Rowsheen and Mike 2600 and drink some beers and eat ice cream. Check out the full list, just pick a time and go walk around!! Sunday, June 10th, 11 AM-5 PM. Free.Betty M.J. Stacks

Lyndale Ave S from W 22nd St to W 54th St, MPLS