At times, Brooklyn can feel like the evil twin in a geopolitical game of brain drain with the Twin Cities, but tonight, we’re getting brain back, courtesy Old Monk. The pop-rocky trio even takes some light jabs at their own Williamsburg scene, and we’re more than happy to get behind that. The real reason we dig these guys, is their buzzy, energetic sound. The clean, sort of disconnected vocals pair nicely with the driving, peppy percussion, keeping things joyously chaotic. It was a hard road to bandom for these guys, starting with just two dudes stuck at opposite ends of the country. Lots of hours of phone tag later, drummer and guitarist were united in New York but something was missing. Bass player Tsugumi Takashi came along and made the band complete.

Other than that being a fun story, it really gets at the level of perfect in-syncness these guys display: rough edges, tight center. They’ll be appearing with Dandylion WarPaint and Purest Spiritual Pigs. Until then, dig Old Monk’s “Butter and Toast” track and get set for a high energy show. 9 p.m. Free. –LB

Cause Spirits and Sound Bar, 3001 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls, 612-822-6000,