Most of MPLS + STPL’s electronic music scene will be in attendance tonight as Berlin DJ TJ Hertz aka Objekt—who’s widely recognized as one of the Top 10 DJs in the world—transforms honey into a raging deutsche techno dance club, the kind James Murphy describes as “Now we can’t have parties like in Spain where they go all night . . . Or like Berlin where they go another night”. He’ll be joined by local electronic music big dogs TML (of Always Human Tapes who is making somewhat of a triumphant return to live performance) and Andrew Broder (of FOG and local collab fame), plus a set by Angelica Ottavia Iannitti. We strongly suggest getting those tickets early. 9 PM. $10 advance, $15 door.Taylor Carik

honey, 205 Hennepin Ave E, MPLS;