NYE is the last day to get your Miracle fix before Lawless transforms back into its regular cozy, quirky self—to coax us in for a final evening of bauble-bedazzled glory, the distillery is offering the chance for us to make the cocktails before we drink ‘em. (We tried to go last week and there was not only a line of people going in, there was a line of Lyfts in front. Really.) Nab a ticket and you’ll get hands-on experience crafting seven cocktail tasters, learning how to build highballs, and more, all under the supervision of the cocktail room’s savvy mixologists and sustained with snacks that include a ranch fountain. Attendees can stop by anytime in the 4 PM-1 AM time period, making it easy to pair with other plans. Monday, December 31st, 4 PM – 1 AM, $30. —Isabelle Wattenberg

Lawless Distillery, 2619 28th Ave S, MPLS; lawlessdistillingcompany.com