An annual highlight of the summer, the Northern Spark all night art festival once again returns, this year with different footprint—the Commons in downtown MPLS, the Hallie Q. Brown Center in Rondo in STPL, the American Indian Cultural Corridor by Franklin in MPLS—and a slightest different schedule than a single dusk to dawn. The majority of artist projects, many of which we’d recommend seeing and hearing just on their own, are the same each night of this year’s two-night festival, but there’s also a handful of scheduled performances that will help you choose which night to attend unless you’re sold on both. Pro tip: We’re big fans of the NS energy right at kickoff, that’s one of the best times to check out the fun. Friday, June 14th, 9 PM-Saturday, June 15th, 2 AM. —Tracy Oxford

“The Commons”, 425 Portland Ave, MPLS;