Down south, they’re really into NASCAR, IndyCar, and various other car-related racing. Here in Minnesota, that’s not so much our thing, but we are totally about biking. The North Star Grand Prix makes its trip through downtown St. Paul today, and this is a legit bike race that brings some of the top biking talent from around the country. Called a Criterium, the race is held on a short course (in this case a short track that circles the Expo Center and Rice Park) and this is the second stage in the full race before it moves on to other parts of the state. The event starts with an opening Expo, followed by the Men’s and Women’s races, with a special kids fun race mixed in. It sounds like something for the whole family, and how often are you going to watch a bike race? 4:30 p.m. Free. —Eric D. Johnson

Downtown St. Paul