Nick Thune‘s deadpan delivery to his quirky hipster puns and jokes is so unimpressed and so Hedberg-esque—’These pants a corduroys. And three quarters mine. Roy’s my friend, we share clothes.’—that we were shocked to learn he’s not from MPLS + STPL, but Seattle. (Close enough, we suppose.) He’s going to kill here during his week-long run at ACME that starts tonight, especially now that his act is so honed after being on The Tonight Show 10 times, Conan 2 times, and Late Night 1 time. And at Bonnaroo. And previously ACME Comedy Club, where he killed. Tuesday through Saturday, multiple set times. $18 show, $33 show and dinner. —Peter Armenian

ACME Comedy Club, 708 N 1st St, MPLS;