You’re probably aware that the Film Society of Minneapolis/St. Paul film festival is gearing up right now (did you go to one of the shows this weekend?). If you aren’t familiar, it’s sort of like our own mini-Sundance, with films from all over the world on display and this week’s lineup (like the whole festival) is pretty great. Your first step should be to visit the MSPIFF website and check out the whole list of movies, because there are a ton. Literally, a ton. And the genres range from a documentary about organic farming (playing tonight) to a Dutch thriller about a college student being terrorized by a mysterious app on her phone (playing Thursday). There are literally dozens of movies to choose from during the week, so if you’re bored one night check out the lineup and hit up a show. But seriously, just start by going to the website. The festival runs through April 19. Various times and locations —EJ