Mr. Northeast? Is that you? The neighborhood’s flannel-wearing, canned beer drinking, music loving, likely bearded, probably tattoo’d pre-registered dudes young and old will take the floor on Saturday to compete for the prestigious title. Join the likes of Grumpy’s, Indeed Brewing, Jameson, and Sentyrz Liquor & Supermarket (of course!), as they search for the emblematic mister of Nordeast through categories as “Fashion”, “Talent”, and “Question and Answer”. . . and then give that person a year’s worth of Indeed Beer. Btw, the judges are Har Mar Superstar, Lori Barbero from Babes, hometown hero and also musician Tony Zaccardi, Robyne Robinson, and Aaron Neumann (Northeast Guy)—t’s gonna be a helluva party. Saturday, 4-10 PM. $5 donation at the door.Brendan Mitchell-Norris

Grumpy’s Northeast, 2200 NE 4th St, MPLS;