Pretend you’re Thor every Friday in March at Sociable’s Mead Maddness — INFO

Cross off seeing the ultra-talented comedian and magician David Harris from your Twincy Bucketlist™ after his show at Sisyphus Brewing — TIX

Holy crap, all these rockin’ bands—Gully Boys, The Smokes, Double Grave, and ahem—are playing the Seward Cafe? That place will be packed — INFO

Showtime Championship Wrestling: The Future Is Calling flies through the squared circle set up at the Eagles Club in St. Eazy, which is ca$h only btw — INFO

Absolutely HUGE show at the Fine Line with Astralblak w/ Lady Midnight, Nazeem & Spencer Joles, Sarah White, it’s basically the best of local hip-hop, electro-soul, future R&B all on one bill — TIX

Shout out to SotC favs Trash Catties on the release of their new EP with Dirty Junk, The Curtain, and The Great Went at the Hex — INFO

Troop Beverly Hills is old enough to run its own Girl Scout Troop, the Alamo helps it celebrate 30 year with a party — TIX

Bon vivant Al Church (of Private Oates fame among other things) brings his Cinematic Orchestra to The Parkway to do the soundtrack for Metropolis (1927) — TIX

The Twincy Flannel Dad™ show of the week is alt rock icons Teenage Fanclub at the Varsity Theater on Monday — TIX

We’re mentioning the incredible Liquid Music show with Kim Gordon (yes that Kim Gordon) and Dimitri Chamblas, but it’s sold out with a huge waiting list, maybe watch the FB event to see if you can get someone’s tickets to this insanely cool show at the ASI — TIX