Chat with artists at Light Grey; party with them at Ambiente; July Fighter and Bigtree Bonsai at Fine Line; Strange Names return from tour with Greg Grease; it’s the Night of the Living Dead at Mounds Theatre; the Roe Family celebrates a new release; Cause extends Halloween one more night; Sisters Sparrow hits the T Rock; Wayne Roosa carries a solo exhibition opening at Traffic Zone; Lightsey Darst writes about dancing, reads about dancing, and, you know, dances; and Rock Ink Roll showcases TC comics at Altered Esthetics.


Antithesis brings Classical music to Gamut; a solo show quietly opens at Mixed Blood; “A New Brain” closes out on Eat Street; Gin Fest is the best festival you’ve never heard of at Amsterdam; emotion-soaked dance is at Bryant Lake Bowl; and Rosalux shows “Interpose.”


David Sedaris makes his yearly pilgrimage to the State; The Sound of Music is on at Heights; and “,,,” closes out at Soap Factory.