The Bryant Lake Bowl is turning 25 years young and celebrating with a party on Halloween. [INFO]

The Walker Art Center gets in on the spooky film fun with their own showing of Suspiria (the original of course). [TIX]

Hennepin County Sheriff candidate David Hutch Hutchinson was just endorsed by Hillary Clinton, but an even bigger deal is the fundraiser with Mighty Mofos and The Silverteens. [INFO]

Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Bent Paddle Brewing Company, and Modist Brewing Company join a collection of over 70 craft breweries across the country in the People Power Beer campaign to help out the ACLU. Get some of the beer at Palmer’s. [VIDEO]

We’re shocked and saddened and disappointed and horrified that there’s still tickets available to see Conan the Barbarian at the Parkway. Answer the riddle of steel, go see Conan! [TIX]