You’re probably sitting there thinking, “SXSW gets all the glory, but what about us up here in Minnesota? We’ve got cool festivals too, right?” Yes! Yes we do. In fact, today is the first day of the the third annual MN Music Summit. The three day festival features all kinds of free workshops, industry panels, mentoring sessions, networking events and concerts around St. Paul throughout the weekend. Tonight kicks off (like any good party should) with free beer and pizza at Summit, and you’ll have the chance to mingle with DJs, agents, record labels and all kinds of important music industry people. Throughout the weekend there will also be performances from GRRRL PRTY, Southwire, and The Honeydogs, and other cool events that are listed in detail on the MN Music Summit Facebook page. 6 p.m. Free —Eric D. Johnson

Summit Brewery, 910 Montreal Cir., St. Paul,