It’s our opinion that no amount of murals will save downtown MPLS, but rather a re-invigoration of many small bustling storefronts, each crammed right next to another—sort of like it was back in the pre-skyway ’70s. To get a better sense of what that looked like, and even felt like, we’re jazzed to see the photos of Mike Evangelist, who captured the thriving city as a 17-year-old with a camera and great eye. Evangelist’s photos are now available in book form in Downtown: Minneapolis in the 1970s with commentary from the “preeminent wit, flaneur, and psycho-historian of the Twin Cities” (we call him our local Art Pope) Andy Sturdevant. And for the book’s release tonight, the photos will be on display at Mill City Museum, and Evangelist and Sturdevant will be bring that bit of the past into the present. Every half hour the museum will also be showing their short film Minneapolis in 19 Minutes Flat from Kevin Kling. 6-9 PM. Free. —Charlie Stenvig

Mill City Museum, 704 S 2nd St, MPLS;