If you’re not having much luck at the Green Gifts Fair, or if you are and want to continue the spirit of gift giving, head over to The Soap Factory for the Minneapolis Craft’za event. The fair features local Twin Cities artists (including woodworkers, printmakers, and sculptors) selling their homemade wares.

Andy Krueger is the mastermind behind the Minneapolis Craft’za and its parent fair, the St. Paul Craftstravaganza. He intended the Minneapolis Craft’za as a holiday counterpart to the successful St. Paul event, which recently celebrated its seventh year. Stop by on Saturday and feast your eyes on gifts both tasteful and eclectic. Because who doesn’t want a zebra-printed electronic device charging pouch for Christmas? Sa. 10 a.m. Free. —RO

Soap Factory, 514 SE 2nd St., Mpls., 612-623-9176, soapfactory.org

(Image: KMSP-TV)