We all know bowling has had its less-than-awesome moments: matching league uniforms, dingy fluorescent lighting, and ill-fitting shoes. Fortunately, Memory Lanes gives a much-needed fresh twist to the game with its Monday night punk rock edge. Wear your favorite The Clash shirt and gather up your rocker friends every Monday to watch local and international punk bands perform in between games of bowling. To sweeten the deal, Memory Lanes offers $2 PBRs and $3 Jameson shots. Svoboda, Bisanto, Morality Crisis, and Ashen make up tonight’s band lineup so stop by for a night of noise (the best kind, of course.) Just be sure not to thrash too hard for fear of pulling a muscle before your competitive bowling game. 10 p.m. Free. —RO

Memory Lanes, 2520 26th Ave. S., Mpls., 612-721-6211, punkbowl.com