Looking to get yer ya-ya’s out in advance of Thanksgiving? Then make haste to the Triplerock tonight and rock out to the Ramones-inspired, Jägermeister-fueled jams of Mean Jeans. In fact, we’d bet a case of Keystone Light these party punkers throw down extra hard in Twincy—they are on the “Maul of America Tour” after all. In addition to delivering their own high-energy set, the Portland-based power trio will also perform as the backing band for pop-punk elder statesman Kepi Ghoulie (Groovie Ghoulies, Chixdiggit). Frankie Teardrop and Teenage Moods serve as local support, making for one fuckuva show start to finish. 8 PM. $10. —David Jarnstrom

Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Ave, MPLS; triplerocksocialclub.com