When Mary Mack is in MN, she’s the funniest comedian in MN, and when she’s doing her regular gigs in L.A. or even back in her old WI stomping grounds, she’s the funniest in those states, too. (Seriously, Comedy Central says she won California’s Funniest Female Contest.) Her quirky delivery and modernized folksy personality—think Garrison Keillor if he went blue and told you about his sister skipping bail—makes audiences laugh regardless of locale, but her midwest upbringing provides material that will especially kill here in The North all week long at ACME Comedy Club. Do not miss this, we recommend going to multiple shows, Mack is just that funny. 8 PM. $15-30. —Taylor Carik

ACME Comedy Club, 708 N 1st St, MPLS; acmecomedycompany.com