We’ve been very remiss in mentioning Park Square Theater’s Marie and Rosetta, the new production that showcases the life and music of Sister Rosetta Tharpe. One of the absolute unsung heroes of rock ‘n’ roll—Elvis to Jimi Hendrix and Ray Charles drew on her music as much as the next generation of rockers drew on them—Tharpe’s guitar work on spirituals and secular music laid the foundation for the following 50 years of music. Audiences can not only get an insight into her life and young protégé, Marie Knight, but will also have their hair blown back in true Tharpe fashion by actress Jamecia Bennett, the lead singer of Sounds of Blackness. Everyone is just raving about it, find time to see the show with friends or line it up for visiting family. Through December 30th. $16-60.Hitara

Park Square Theater, 20 W 7th Pl, STPL; parksquaretheatre.org