The release party for Manchita‘s new EP with composer ad beat-maker Bionik (who’s also done work with Aaliyah, R. Kelly, and Lizzo, to name a few) isn’t much of a secret any more, but we’re giving you another reminder to grab tickets ahead of time—we’ll be shocked if it didn’t sell out. That’s because the former GRRRL PRTY member has rightfully been in the spotlight most of the week, her reputation precedes her very cool new music (check out “Cashed“), and the rest of the lineup is stacked with local musical notables like Lady Midnight, DJ Keezy, Mina Moore, Eric Mayson, and DJ Shannon Blowtorch. Congrats to Lauren H. who won our spot to the show! Friday, 8 PM. 10 PM.Taylor Carik

First Avenue, 701 1st Ave N, MPLS;