Even if most of the fun surrounding the exhibition of superstar Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson‘s photography at the ASI is sold out, we wanted to make sure you at least know it’s going on and give you some options for getting in on the action. (Also, if you’re not sure how could there be so much hubbub, definitely check out Nilsson’s episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix, it’s fantastic, so is the whole series.) What you can’t get to: Tours of Nilsson’s work with the artists, a chef’s table presentation with a bunch of Twincy chefs. What you can still do: Nordic Heirloom Recipe Exchange with Nilsson and Richard Tellström of Stockholm University Friday afternoon, a book signing by Nilsson of his cookbook Saturday morning, and the chef’s table after party (which tbh looks the most fun of all) at Heyday on Friday at 10:30 PM. Friday-Saturday. —Art Humes

American Swedish Institute, 2600 Park Ave, MPLS; asimn.org