You’ve seen the texts. Screenshots of messages sent from someone named Bennett, a wanna-be gangster whose awful grammar, misdirected moral code, and secret softer side became fodder for the Internet to laugh at and—let’s be honest—speculate over. Were they real? They were very real, and now the man who compiled them online has written a book out of the experience. It’s not just pages of more texts, but a full-blown narrative of the guy who sent them. Mac Lethal, the author, is a rapper in his own right, and his world is turned a bit upside-down when his cousin Bennett and his addict mother move in with him during a rough spell. Texts from Bennett shares the whole story and paints a fuller picture of the once-laughable character. Visit the bookstore in Coffman to see Mac Lethal, get a copy signed, and maybe hear a verse or two. 6 p.m. Free. —EK

U of M Bookstore, 300 Washington Ave. SE, Mpls., 612-625-6000,