Lord Humungus 2017

lord humongus

Another tap room Halloween party recommendation? Well, yes, since the Modist Brewing release party for their Lord Humungus will be as crazy as the rye beer. First the party: think the new Mad Max meets block party with some live art and loud bands like Bloodnstuff, Black Widows, Chalk, and more. Then there’s the beer: The Lord Humungus is tailor-made for the beer-venturous with its 53% rye and 11.8% ABV. Maybe temper your post-apocalyptic drinking with some of Modist’s highly regarded and tasty other brews while you’re there. Saturday, 12 PM bottle release. Free. 5 PM party, $5.Art Humes

Modist Brewing, 505 North 3rd St, MPLS; modistbrewing.com