We don’t know what it is about this week, but there’s some pretty good live music shows happening on the Twincy Smaller Stage Circuit™, so here’s another quick hit: You got Trevor Webster,
Infinities (Simon Calder and Morgan Alexy duo), and Venus DeMars playing a post-rock show at Moto-i (yeah, Moto-i). Singer-songwriter Rachel Kurtz is accompanied by acoustic dynamo Chris Koza and more at Icehouse. College radio rockers Sadlord (great name) release their EP with Savage Noble at Honey. A bunch of bands—Finding NovyonSOFTPORECORNAckronem and ElodaCatalystBailey Cogan—play the Uncovered Artist Series at the Triple Rock. And there’s the Before Anyone Else lounge night at the Kitty Cat Klub with Cloud and special guest Trillsa.