Yes, her dad was the King of Rock and Roll. Yes, she married both Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage. And yes, you read that right, she’s performing at the Fine Line. After a seven-year hiatus from her singing and songwriting, Presley came out with Storm & Grace, a country, folksy, blues album that had quite the responsibility—to live up to her musically royal bloodline. But reviews seem to think both Presley and her album have held their own. So maybe ignore some of the Hollywood rumor-mill mush, try not to compare her to Elvis, and hang out at the Fine Line Music Café tonight for some soulful tunes by the Princess of Rock and Roll. The Twins are away tonight, so the pay lot next to the Fine Line won’t be unreasonable, and should fairly convenient for a night of impending storms. 7 p.m. $20. — AA

The Fine Line Music Café, 318 N. 1st Ave., Mpls., 612-338-8100,