Who knew the Bay exported—along with hyphy, the Free Speech Movement, and the incomparable “hella,”—dark, ambient po-mo rock? Fans of the duo La Fin Absolute du Monde, that’s who. This band claims to be a happy couple, fun and friendly, but for some reason, they turn out soul-twistingly eerie sounds with track names like, “Dark Fetus Rough.” They’re currently crisscrossing the country with shows in Vegas, Missouri, and now, Minneapolis. Flyover country no more, let’s show these Best Coasters where the real music scene is at. And by that, we mean, let’s welcome them with open arms and prepare to have our musical socks blown off.

Hipsterdom across the country and world are joining in praise for this totally mesmerizing duo and how fun is that name to say? We know, right. La Fin will be appearing with a handful of other local bands including indie folk Pocketful ‘A’ Change (definitely not Pocket Full of Change, in case you Google this). 8 p.m. $5. –LB

400 Bar, 400 Cedar Ave. S., Mpls., 612-332-2903, 400bar.com