The Soap Factory’s 2012 Volunteer Biennial showcase targets an interesting topic that has probably crossed your mind at some point: the end of the world and, more broadly, the intersection between certainty and speculation. Thirty-six emerging artists who volunteer for the Soap Factory exhibit artwork that analyzes this topic. KnownUnKnowns challenges the line between what is known and what is unknown, while also exploring acquired knowledge and the reasons we develop for believing something is true.

Artists take cues from social commentary, political discussions, and personal experiences to create art highlighting the fragility of human thought and reason. The exhibit includes a wide range of mixed media, showcasing photography, installation art, film, painting, and interactive work. Visit the exhibit (which runs until Dec. 21) and prepare to push your boundaries on what you define as truth. 7 p.m. Free. —RO

Soap Factory, 514 SE 2nd St., Mpls., 612-623-9176,