“Kids play with their joysticks day in and day out, jerking them back and forth . . . ” That in a nutshell sums up the raunchy 80s arcade classics Joysticks and Pinball Summer. Joysticks, the better of the two, is a must see for both fans of vintage video games and screwball 80s comedies (it’s got 80s it-girl Corinne Bohrer right before her prime and an iconic cameo of Uncle Rico as King Vidiot), and the poor man’s Porky’s in Pinball Summer has its moments, too. Expect a raucous crowd, especially with KFAI’s DJ Travis Ramin providing the rock tunes around the screenings. 7:30 PM. $14.Curt Stanski

Parkway Theater, 4814 Chicago Ave S, MPLS; theparkwaytheater.com