It Can’t Happen Here: Southern Poverty Law Center Fundraiser

it can't happen here

Since you missed the run of It Can’t Happen Here at Fringe Fest—the whole thing sold out—you’ve got one last chance to hear Sinclair Lewis’ great anti-fascism novel adapted for the stage and it’s for a good cause. Meagan Kedrowski, Charles Numrich and almost all of the original cast members will be doing a stage reading of the script on Saturday at the Camp-beret as a one-off that benefits the Southern Poverty Law Center. Saturday, 7:30 PM. $15-25.Tina Nguyen

Camp Bar, 490 Robert St N, STPL;

2 thoughts on “It Can’t Happen Here: Southern Poverty Law Center Fundraiser

  1. Richard Keefe

    “…benefits the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

    According to its online tax records, the SPLC took in more than $58 million donor dollars in 2016, against $45 million in expenses, resulting in a “non-profit” of more than $13 million for the year.

    The company’s cash-on-hand endowment fund (98% of which is designated as “unrestricted”) grew from $302 million to $319 million over the same period.

    The SPLC spent $1.8 million on court case costs in 2016, or barely 4% of its budget, compared with $17.5 million spent on fundraising.

    According to Charity Navigator, the SPLC could keep its doors wide open for the next seven years without raising another dime. If you strip out the 39% of the budget the company spends on fundraising each year, the SPLC could “live off the interest” from its cash endowment indefinitely.

    In short, the SPLC doesn’t need the money at the moment. Your local food bank, women’s shelter, free medical clinic, even your local SPCA could do so much more with your gift.

    Give locally, where the need is greater and where you can see the results firsthand.

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