Not that this provocative, attractive, rapping phenom needs any new marketers on her team, but let us offer our services anyway. Where Lady Gaga tries to get real by wearing a dress of meat, Iggy Azalea just goes ahead and releases a song titled “Pu$$y” that pretty much sticks to just that. Compared to Azalea, MIA’s finger-flipping stunts at the Super Bowl look a little quaint. To temper, though, what might otherwise be a sort of overwhelming amount of braggadocio is a layer of humor. She got her stage name from her childhood dog, after all.

Azalea cites Tupac, Kanye, and Gwen Stefani as influences, and with her bleach blonde ponytail and vocal domination, she’s like the perfect love-child of our musical moment. On tracks like “My World” she shows off her quick-talking swagger. While some lyrics loop themes of VIP badness a little too much, she makes you believe she knows what’s up (even if Eve is skeptical). Earning a spot on XXL’s freshman round up, Azalea is going places. Catch her while that place is still in town. 8 p.m. $20. –LB

Fine Line Café, 318 1st Ave. N., Mpls., 612-338-8100,