We have a ton of respect for the continuing work that DJ Jake Rudh does to make the TC music scene as dynamic and danceable as it is—now, along with his long-standing Transmission dance nights and new(ish) post-punk/new wave hour on The Current, Rudh (and Kilted Farmer Koncerts) has also brought to town one of his heroes, the synth-pop all star Howard Jones, to play a rare and intimate show at the Varsity. You may know Jones from his ’80s staples “What is Love,” “No One is to Blame,” “Things Can Only Get Better,” and others, but as a musician and performer Jones also knows how to use his keyboard command center to keep a party moving. To set the stage, Rudh will also be doing a Transmission set with plenty of synth tracks and videos. 7 p.m. $30-35. 18+ —TC

Varsity Theater, 1308 SE 4th St., Mpls., 612-604-0222, varsitytheater.org