Musical magician Martin Dosh is taking over the Turf Club with a roster of top notch talent to play a couple sets, but also do a recording session. If you don’t know Dosh, his work is a bit hard to explain: he’s a multi-instrumentalist who plays and loops many different drums, keys, effects, etc., together to create one-man digital and analog symphonies from the middle of a recording command center. His work can be thick and thin, sweeping or staccato, pulsating or gently pleasing, but it’s always impressive and that’s why he’s partnered with the likes of Andrew Bird. The week 2 lineup is thus: Ryan Francesconi (who we wrote up yesterday), Aby Wolf (fresh off Girl Germs), Patrick HarisonChristopher ThomsonMichael Lewis, and Joey Van Phillips8 PM. $8. —Billy Butts

Turf Club, 1601 University Ave W, STPL;