[  ]  Be one of the first people to check out the brand new art space in St. Easy, Gallery B, at their Grand Opening reception — TIX

[  ]  Same goes for the art opening at XIAART in the Little Mekong Business District — INFO

[  ]  Figure out which night to see the newest installment of Pillsbury Naked Stages with the next generation of modern and po-mo performers — TIX

[  ]  Check out the heavily buzzed about hip-hop duo iLLism (who were finalists at the Paisley Park battle of the bands) as their album drops and they blow up and get too expensive/popular to see anymore — TIX

[  ]  Remember to bring anxiety meds to the High Rise Mayhem double screening of contemporary action classics The Raid and Judge Dredd at the Trylon — TIX

[  ]  Help Gabe and the other 4ontheFloor stompers celebrate 10 years with four straight nights of heavy drinking, heavy rocking shows with notable local openers at Mort’s and Modist Brewing — TIX

[  ]  Hop on the emerging trend of Vegan nights in the foodie scene at Sheridan Room in Northeast, which has been doing Vegan week all week — INFO

[  ]  Wonder aloud why some shows at First Ave sell out but the absolutely killer bill of Drama with Nick Jordan and Manchita still have tickets left — TIX

[  ]  Talk to some tap rooms about doing a special Secrets of the City beer since even the PiPress Treasure Hunt gets a special beer now for some reason — >_< — INFO

[  ]  Pop into the 331 Club for a late night EP release party from the very cool neon synth dreamers of Night CorvettesINFO

[  ]  Support the businesses offering freebies for furloughed federal workers — Eater List

[  ]  Skip the Leviticus Tattoo Sailor Jerry flash tattoo party because it fills up right away and not wait for like 3 hours to try and get a cheap tattoo — INFO

[  ]  Hear Toki Wright spin some records as a part of the MPLS Central Library’s brand spanking new program, Vinyl Revival — INFO

[  ]  Pull all the muscles in neck and shoulders at the annual Metty MN Metal Awards at Amsterdam — TIX

[  ]  Shout for films to be gong’d off the screen at the Scream Off the Screen screening of short films at the Parkway — TIX

[  ]  Pick up a copy of the Workhaus Collective Anthology when the group releases their book at the Playwright Center to honor 10 years of work — INFO

[  ]  Fulton Show of the Week: Fulfill dream of wrassling a professional when your favorite characters from F1rst Wrestling will be at the Nomad on Monday for a pro wrestling video game tournament after everyone watches RAW with Fulton beer specials all night — INFO