We’re as much fans of the satellite events surrounding Soundset as we are the actual Festival (which is still a Twincy bucket list entry for sure and is going to be even crazier at the MN State Fair Grounds). This year’s must attend ancillary shows includes the opening reception for Headshots (Lightning Blend) RSE20, a pop-up photo exhibition of work by Dan Monick in conjunction with curator Kristoffer Knutson. The exhibition features behind-the-scenes pics from the recent Rhymesayers 20th Anniversary show and also has never-before-seen images shot through the years for the label. (That’s down the street from Fifth Element in the former First Tech spot.) We’re also really excited to see the work in Erotic City at CO Exhibitions, a showcase of the top graffiti artists throughout the country. Both events are on Friday, but will draw a lot of visiting hip-hop fans in town for Soundset. Friday, 6 PM & 7 PM. Free.Taylor Carik

Former First Tech building, 2640 Hennepin Avenue South, MPLS
CO exhibitions, 1101 Stinson Blvd NE Ste 2, MPLS;coexhibitions.com