Born with such a pedigree as Hank III, it’d be easy to see him crumble under the pressure of continuing the family business, or at least succumb to the family tendency toward alcoholism. Country outlaw Hank Williams Jr. and rule breaker Hank Williams Sr. are no easy role models, but Hank III has succeeded in continuing the most prominent Williams tradition of all: rebelling. Starting out as a country artist and gaining traction quickly because of his ancestry, Hank quickly tired of toeing the expected Nashville artist line. So he did something unexpected, somewhat insulting, and downright genetically prescribed: he took up punk and metal music. His concerts still vascillate between Wild West and punk desperado—the so called “hellbillly” genre he pioneered—and they’re somewhat of a boot-stomping mess of overalls, banjo picking, and shouted metal-style asides. Leave some ibuprofen on your bedside table and head to Mill City Nights to see him and his rowdy gang get you dancing. 8 p.m. $28. —EK

Mill City Nights, 111 N. 5th St., Mpls., 612-333-3422,