Congratulations to this event for winning a Secrets of the City Award for Coolest Event So Far This Year™! To be honest, at first we didn’t think it was real. A pinball tournament at Surly’s Beer Hall on the brand new (and hallowed) Ghostbusters pinball machine and appearance by actual Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson? Sounds like something we’d come up while daydreaming after a few Overrateds. But it’s very real. In addition to the tournament on the new machine, there’s other classic pinball titles to play, and there’s also going to be a bunch of Ghostbusters-themed fun, from replica props and an 8-ft. Stay Puft Marshmellow Man. Our recommendation is to arrive super early, but it’s already b-a-n-a-n-a-s at the Beer Hall on a Saturday, and that’s without Ernie Hudson showing up. Saturday, 4 PM. $10. —Taylor Carik

Surly Brewing Company, 520 Malcolm Ave SE, MPLS;